Savannius is the gestalt, or giant form of the "Generation 1" Maximals. He is recognized as much for his common sense and intelligence as for his strength and endurance. His components were constructed in 1995.


This picture of Magnaboss is here because I have none of Savannius. Maximals sure can build gestalts, can't they? As a Generation 1 Maximal, I wear both symbols.

"A hunter's prey is rarely offensive, but use caution with it anyway."

Bio (tech spec style): A successful combination of the 5 Maximals, Savannius is a defensive guardian with the mind of great tactician. His way of thinking is pretty normal in the way of the Autobots, but tends to speak is if he's spent years in a jungle. Has athletic levels of strength and speed. Moves swiftly for his size. Very patient, never assumes that his opponent is an "easy win". His armor is as strong as Metroplex's, but the arm module that Talondres represents has limits as to what it can take. He can learn how to use any weapon very quickly. Carries 2 adaptors so that he able to use any of the component Maximals' weapons, but personally carries a multi-formed bladed staff which can fold into a double-bladed sword. Can fly for about 100 miles at 1000 mph.

Strength: 10 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 6.9 Endurance: 10 Rank: 6.75 Courage: 9.5 Firepower: 8.5 Skill: 9.75

Personal Notes: 1. His name is pronounced "Sa-vuh-NI-us". 2. Savannius and each individual team member of the Maximals wear both Autobot and Maximal symbols and combat the team of Preadacons led by Razorclaw. 3. Savannius's function should be listed as Solo Transformer Assault Group, or S.T.A.G., but since he is made up of five Transformers, he may not necessarily apply (a fact which is still arguable today). 4. The five Autobot Maximals who make up Savannius are: Lightnynx, Razorbeast, Arman Kylo, Talondres, and their commander, Giganticlaw. As I've thought out the lineup, Savannius's formation is as follows: LEGS - Razorbeast and Arman Kylo, ARMS - Talondres and Lightnynx, BODY - Giganticlaw.


Optimus Prime, Autobot C.O. (on Earth)

With any luck, O. Primal or some other Maximal will occupy this spot. Nightbeat

Still constructing. Protectobot gestalt Defensor.

1997-2001, 2009
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