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"The sight of ruin only makes me crave more."

Profile: Ransack is an Decepticon who shows virtually no concern for the safety of innocents or for the property of others, including his fellow Insecticons. He is well-known for his willingness to level an entire city in order to find what he's looking for - be it an enemy or a 1-gallon gas can. In order to gain respect, this smooth-talking warrior will sound as intimidating as possible. He is very straight-to-the-point and won't stretch a conversation longer than it should be. His friends find him to be far too eager for battle and have asked him why he looks forward to combat so much. His reply is usually, "If there's a chance for destruction, I take it." This war-like attitude has been obvious since when he was a Decepticon air warrior, before he joined the Insecticons. "It wouldn't serve our purposes to cure him of this behaviour, so let him continue...and remain our asset," says Kickback. When he isn't thinking about destruction, he usually has his mind on more self-serving projects or memorizing aerial attack strategies.

Abilities: Like the other Insecticons, Ransack is able to transform into a robotic insect, of an insect's size or one whose parts are a size consistent with his robot mode. In his smaller sized insect mode, can leap 200 ft. in his "normal" size, can leap 1.5 miles. In any size, his rear legs can shatter about a foot-thick steel using his regular kick combined with sonic amplifiers. by rubbing his legs together, he can create vibrations strong enough to crumble a brick wall. His antennae can shoot 80 kilovolts bursts of electricity from charged molecules gathered in the air. Capable of flying at 300 mph for 1000 miles. In robot mode, he carries a concussion cannon.

Weaknesses: Ransack has a hard time flying in high winds, especially in cricket mode.

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"You know, I haven't figured out who's leader of this outfit and neither has anyone else." -- Chop Shop

Megatron, Decepticon Leader.
Decepticon groupshot by Dan Khanna.

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