Lightnynx is a member of the original (G1) Maximals. The Maximals, a sub-group of the Autobots, were created to counter against the great threat that the (G1) Predacons posed. The Maximals unite to form the gestalt super warrior, Savannius. Lightnynx's color scheme is undetermined.


No picture or even mental image available.

"Climate can bend an enemy to its knees long before any army."

Bio (tech spec style): A fast-moving and fast-thinking Maximal who understands the danger of below average temeperatures. He is amazed by the stories of Napoleon and Hitler's failed campaigns. Likes to take enemies completely by surprise. Friendly to most teammates and allies. Works well in all climates, though slightly diminished in cold weather. In lynx mode, as fast as his name implies. Can run as fast as 76 mph in cold climates. His paws are powerful enough to leave clawmarks in concrete. Carries impulse blaster and a double-bladed sword in robot mode. Can leap as high as 1500 ft. Combines with fellow Maximals to form "Savannius".

Strength: 8.5 Intelligence: 8.2 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 7.5 Rank: 6.5 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 6.5 Skill: 7.9

Personal Notes: 1. Lightnynx and the other members of Giganticlaw's team of Maximals wear both Autobot and Maximal symbols and combat the team of Preadacons led by Razorclaw. 2. As a former Cybertronian race car, Lightnynx is no stranger to moving fast. Now he has been throughly outfitted for his new surroundings. For example, he now uses a special lubricant, anti-freeze and fuel additive that allows his working parts to withstand temperatures of 160 degrees below zero. To even most Autobots' eyes, when he's running, all that can be seen is a blur with a tail (or 2?) behind it.


Optimus Prime, Autobot C.O. (on Earth)

With any luck, O. Primal or some other Maximal will occupy this spot. Cheetor, a descendant from 2307.

Still constructing. I don't know which one of these two reminds me of Starscream the most.
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