Real Name: Unknown

"Intelligence is the key to any accomplishment-- no matter what the oppression."

Profile: Downshift is a mutant Autobot with a humanoid appearance. Few Autobots who know his secret often discriminate him and the other Omnibots for being different. However, Downshift feels he should protect the innocent--no matter what their opinion is. He is very serious-minded. Although he is dedicated to his job, he has become bitter after "normal" Decepticons destroyed his camp, along with his friends and family. He sometimes wonders to himself why he continues to protect the "normal" population. Despite all this, he still finds time to be nice, no matter who he's nice to. Downshift has been acclaimed for being the best Autobot leader, second only to Optimus Prime. He leads his Omnibots valiantly in battle. He thinks he should be (and is) swift in action. He does whatever he feels is required to achieve an Omnibot victory.

Abilities: Downshift's mutant ability is micropathy, the power of reading and projecting thoughts into mechanically and digitally robotic minds. If he wanted to, he could even control them. The controlling portion of his micropathy puts Bombshell and even Mindwipe to shame. 2% of his extraordinary telepathic powers is an actual telepathic power, capable of affecting even organic minds. He is the 4th fastest among land Autobots. In car mode, he can reach land speeds of 310 mph, but he can accelerate in 5 seconds to twice that speed, which he can maintain for half an hour. His range is 540 miles. In his Cybertronic mode, he flies at a top speed of Mach 2.94. His air range is 5,304 miles. He carries two plasma shell launchers which can fire a variety of ammunition rounds for a distance of 10 miles. He also uses these launchers in robot mode. In robot mode, he also uses a neutron degenerator rifle, which shuts down a robot's power core for 1 minute.

Weaknesses: His greatest weakness is his genetic discrimination, which sometimes leaves him alone in the middle of a battle. However, he has fought his way out of many a dangerous situation.

Strength: 8.5 Intelligence: 9 Speed: 9.75 Endurance: 8.5 Rank 8.1 Courage: 10 Firepower: 9 Skill: 10
Mental Powers: 9.75 Energy Projection: 5.375

Mental Powers
Energy Projection

Under Construction!!

Solar Phœnix, Downshift's girlfriend


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