Desirée is a completely original character based off of a friend of mine. She transforms into a `95-`96 wild watermelon (rgb - 255,0,175) Lexus convertible (with a brown ragtop and gold 'hammers' (hubcaps)) and a flying version of such (à la Tracks).


Prepare yourself for this vision of beauty.
Real Name: Desirée (no last name given)

"When an opportunity is right, exploit that thang!"

Profile: Desirée, a Cybertronian mutant whom is half Shi'ar (on her father's side), is an individual who won't take any flak from anyone. This adventuresome youth joined the freedom fighting Autobots as an Omnibot to be beside her boyfriend, Overdrive and to settle the score with those who destroyed her settlement, Bounty Hunter Desert Thunder and his employers, the Decepticons. Some would think that at least one of the afore mentioned purposes would drive her alone. By this they would be wrong. She is friendly, mischievous, virtually fearless. She hides a thin streak of greed within her. The lengths she'll go to for the sake of financial gain are amazing. This woman has no problem diverting others from her true purposes, be they well-meaning or self-serving. When she puts her mind to it, she can outsmart anyone. She is also able to draw a conclusion for a situation before all the facts are given. "If only Autobots had facilities like hers," said Prowl. There are others who say that she "runs on youth". Overall, no one is really sure what drives her, but whatever it is, it makes her a formidable Omnibot.

Abilities: Desirée has two mutant abilities. The first one involves her firing plasma beams from her hands and fists. She is able to charge up her beams to become 2 to 4 times stronger than normal and release them. Her other ability is creating highly detailed holograms from as close as on top of her to as far away as a 4 square miles. Her fighting ability is matched by very few Cybertronians. Fires metal-seeking "magnet" missiles from underneath her wings in "robot" and Cybertronian modes. In armored (robot) and human forms, she uses a magnet missile launcher and an `electric round' machine gun, which electrocutes its target with each projectile at 1200 rounds per minute. Maximum speed: (air) Mach 2.5, (land) 255 mph. Range: 750 miles.

Weaknesses: Desirée has no known weaknesses.

Strength: 10 Intelligence: 10 Speed: 8¾ Endurance: 9½ Rank: 7 Courage: 10 Firepower: 7½ Skill: 10
Mental Powers: 9 Energy Projection: 10

* Personal notes: 1. Desirée is a member of my fanfic Omnibots, however, she was created differently from the others. She is the product of the collabortive efforts of myself (James Jackson) and Tracie Brown, a trusted friend. Seeing as how the character was made for her (to reflect her), There are several discrepensies (hope I spelled that right... :} ) in the stats and profile It took me 3 years to nail down a profile that came close to my friend (and I'm still not done!). 2. Also known as DISARRAY (a mispronunciation of her name), Desirée's stats are compiled from two different graphs. In Desirée's tech spec (I manually created one.), I used Tracie's approved spec readings (St: 10, I: 10, Sp: 8.75, E: 10, R: 7.5, C: 10, F: 10, Sk: 10, M.P.: 9, E.Proj.: 10). However, I recently uncovered those used in my first decision (before I asked for Tracie's opinion; St: 9, I: 8.5, Sp: 8, E: 7, R: 6.75, C: 10, F: 7.5, Sk: 10, M.P.: 1.5, E.Proj.: 9). My reasons were this: Seeing as how Desirée's powers were energy based, I couldn't find where Mental Powers served a purpose. Because Desirée didn't flount her intelligence (i.e. Perceptor), 10 seemed a bit much. 6.75 was used for rank because Downshift, their C.O.'s was 8 and Solar Phoenix, the second-in-charge carried a rank of 7.5 to 7.75. Upon reflection, I now see that creating holograms requires some sort of mental ablility, so mine is now debatable. The speed is high in all cases because Tracie (the person) drives faster than a Stunticon (manuevering even better). Because Desirée's plasma beam powers are like Mega Man's, they are high in both cases. Skills are high because Desirée/Tracie has a habit of being very skilled at what she does. Anyway, I just wanted to say that for this half-Shi'ar/half black sista you may refer to either of the 2 above statistics you wish to. 3. Desirée's [car mode] color is Wild Watermelon (see Crayola's 64-96 color box.). The A.E.G.C.'s Autobot insignia is Sky Blue (RGB - 10,180,254) in color.


Elita-One: Female Autobot Commander and Resistance Leader. Generation X member Monet St. Croix, a.k.a. 'M'.
"M", my favorite Gen. X character.

Downshift, her friend and Omnibot Leader

Optimus, Autobot C.O. (on Earth)
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