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"The only things more dangerous than the uncontrolled elements are those that are."

Profile: Cumulonimbus, or Cumulus for short, is normally a calm, fun-loving Autobot. Nonetheless, it has been said that his moods may change as much as the weather he mimics. Honestly though, it takes true acts of deviousness or inhumane behavior to really get his thunder started! Most of his personality has been derived from the many life experiences he's had within such a short amount of time. (He's only 23 Cybertronian years old.) In this amount of time, he's been a professional athlete, a no-nonsense warrior, an Autobot administrative director, and an interplanetary ambassador. With all this under his waist plate, he's learned to handle things differently, even though he's not beneath going back to older methods. Cumulonimbus speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. He provides a youthful flair to the Autobot leadership. He can be hot-headed at times -- he has a tendency to act first and ask questions later. Cumulus is an amiable being whose sole purpose is to protect all life.

Abilities: Cumulonimbus possesses acute military prowess. He is an expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle. Since Overdrive taught him how to move, he's only gotten better. In robot mode, he carries a double-barreled turbine projector that generates winds as strong as 350-400 mph, enough to equal a F-5 tornado. Inside the jet engines which power the weapon, two small electrostatic batteries have been implanted. The E.S. (electrostatic) modules give Cumulus's weapon the additional power of a lightning laser rifle which fires 140-500 volts. This combination weapon may also be used in jet mode. In vehicle mode, he transforms into a futuristic (even by Cybertronian standards) jet fighter. This mode is equipped with turbine engines powered by a non-radioactive source similar to nuclear reactors. From his underside, he is able to release a steam-based compound like a skywriter which, when deployed properly, gives the appearance of a stratocumulus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, or nimbus cloud formation. Range: 9,500 miles. Speed: Mach 2.3.

Weaknesses: Cumulonimbus's E.S. batteries require recharging every 90 orns. (An orn is a Cybertronian lunar day.) He is also very compassionate towards other living creatures.

Strength: __ Intelligence: __ Speed: 8 Endurance: __ Rank: 10 Courage: __ Firepower: 5 Skill: 10

*Personal Notes: 1. Cumulonimbus is still a ranking officer in the Autobots, but according to the agreement Cybertron made with the Shi'ar galaxy, a representative from Cybertron must join their imperial guard and serve as Cybertron's Shi'ar ambassador. Although they didn't care whether they received an Autobot or Decepticon, Cumulonimbus volunteered in order to show them "the best Cybertron has to offer." 2. This treaty also keeps the Shi'ar from trying to conquer Cybertron and vice versa because they are too evenly matched.

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