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Welcome to the newly installed master page to my fanfic, TRANSFORMERS Alternative.
I am going to begin by telling you about the (current) storyline.

In addition to merging comic stories with those used in the American cartoon, This story focuses on the Cybertronian theatre of "the Great War." Of those Transformers who didn't leave to "colonize", the war has more or less turned "cold". the starting point in this story is in 1984, The year the Transformers on Earth awoke. Perceptor is not leader, but a ranking officer and the head Autobot scientist. The Autobots are lead by the biumvirate (set of 2 leaders) of Autobahn Lee, Brigadier General of the Autobot forces and Cumulonimbus (Cumulus for short), Administrative Director. Events will take place to change leadership to comic/cartoon facts, but it is so far in the future, that I haven't written/thought of it.

There are several new characters, many of which I cannot elaborate on as there are many dishonest people on the Web. Five of them answer the question of why there are 2 sets of Predacons. One will have the least likely of binary-bonded partners (in the near-to-distant future). One of my top ideas is to give the unnamed Decepticon Planes some limited prominance (i.e. Cobra Vipers, C.G.s, Troopers in G. I. Joe). Thunderwing will be downgraded to a Seeker (Decepticon Plane). Occasionally, we will look in on our Earth-bound favorites, with Optimus and Megatron as the undisputed C.O.'s of the Earth campaigns. Click here to see the Episode Guide.
But first, click here to get a good picture of what the characters are supposed to look like.


Intro to TF Alternative #0.
TF Alternative #1-3: See "More Than Meets The Eye" of the US TF Cartoon. The 30 original Transformers crash-land on Earth and are given Earthen vehicle and device modes. Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky are introduced.
TF Alternative #4: Outlandish Phases of Transformation. 6 Cybertronian Mutants join the Autobots and become ... The Uncanny Omnibots! Their search to find out who destroyed their village leads them to another of their own kind.
TF Alternative #5. Iacon is in dire need of reinforcements. Because of this they are sent the Autobots' other secret weapons, the Soccertobots! Ultra Magnus is introduced.
TF Alternative #6: See "Transport to Oblivion". On Earth, Shockwave requests the Earth-bound Decepticons to build a space bridge from Earth to Cybertron.
TF Alternative #7: See "Roll For It". Megatron steals the secret for creating anti-matter and now seems unstoppable. Chip Chase is introduced.
TF Alternative #8: See "Divide and Conquer". The Decepticon planes badly damage Optimus Prime in an attack on a power plant. A group of Autobots must go to Wheeljack's lab on Cybertron to obtain a part needed to repair Optimus. The Decepticons then decide to attack the Autobots while they are without their leader. Will the others return with the vital part in time?
TF Alternative #9: See "Fire in the Sky". The Decepticons tunnel into Earth's North Pole, making climates in the Northern Hemisphere colder. While tunneling they discover Skyfire, a Cybertronian scientist & former partner of Starscream's.
TF Alternative #10: See "Fire on the Mountain". Megatron discovers an infinite source of power in South America and means to acquire it. In the Arctic Circle, the Autobots find and thaw out a refrozen Skyfire in order to aid them in intercepting the Decepticons.
TF Alternative #11: State of the Mission. NEWLY UPDATED! Optimus Prime sends a transmission to Ultra Magnus detailing the status of the Autobots and their mission so far on Earth.
TF Alternative #12: Alien Forces. Ultra Magnus sends reinforcements to Earth. Will they make it safely?
TF Alternative #13: See "S.O.S. Dinobots". An earthquake shatters part of the Ark's wall revealing a cave full of dinosaur bones. The bones and further study on dinosaurs provide the inspiration for Wheeljack's next 3 inventions: the Dinobots! Grimlock, Slag, & Sludge are introduced.
TF Alternative #14: See "War of the Dinobots". The Autobots are having so much success with the three Dinobots that they commission Chip & Sparkplug to help create & design two more. Unfortunately, Megatron manages to brainwash the first three, forcing the Autobots to send the last two the engage their future teammates in battle. Snarl & Swoop are introduced.
TF Alternative #15-17: See "The Ultimate Doom". Megatron & Shockwave plan to transport Cybertron to Earth's orbit and collect the energies released by having Cybertron so close in proximity to the Earth. The Decepticons also acquire Dr. Archeville to use "hypno-chips" to hypnotize humans (including Sparkplug) into working for the Decepticons.
TF Alternative #18: See "Countdown to Extinction". The Autobots & their allies help Earth recover from the earthquakes and storms caused earlier by Cybertron's close proximity to Earth. Meanwhile, Starscream sets Dr. Archeville's exponential generator to destroy the Earth (in 8 hours) and takes off for Cybertron. Can the Autobots stop it in time?
TF Alternative #19: See "A Plague of Insecticons". A new group of Decepticons, the Insecticons are discovered in the lower Great Plains and are so deceptive that even Megatron has trouble controlling them. How can the Autobots stop them? Kickback, Bombshell, & Shrapnel are introduced.
TF Alternative #20: See "Heavy Metal War". Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to end their ages-old war. But he later commisions the Constructicons to build him a strength transfer machine to take the energies from the other Decepticons' power chips and infuse these energies in him (against Cybertronian law, which keeps the combatants from fighting one-on-one with enhancements or outside help). Megatron then sends the Constructicons to destroy Teletran I which is able to detect his trickery. They meet difficulties when they face... the Dinobots. The Constructicons and their gestalt form, Devastator are introduced.
TF Alternative - The Second Autobot Run: 5 years after the original Autobot Run was interrupted by the Decepticons, the charity race is back on! But Megatron's betting that the Autobots won't win this time.

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