Issue (episode) #5

(Undecided Title)

[Narrator:] It is the year 1984, The Autobots of Cybertron are maintaining their struggle against the vile Decepticons. Two of their main headquarters keep an almost constant communications link. One is set in Iacon, the Autobots' capital city. The other is Autobase, a secret headquarters in an undisclosed location. Ultra Magnus, the Iacon base's ranking officer, is having moderate-level problems with Decepticons in his area. He is doing his best to keep from sending inexperienced fighters into action, but injuries from his main fighting force are slowly mounting up. [end of narration].

"How many casualties is it so far?" asked Ultra Magnus to First Aid, his medical officer.

"No deaths," replied First Aid. "but there are about 60 injuries to make up for that."

"Blast it!" shouted Ultra Magnus. "It isn't a big problem, but there are too many laid up to provide an effective defense. the Autobot citizens in that area need to be reminded that they can count on us. I'll have to call Autobase for backup support. [Magnus presses a button on a computer] Cosmos, get me Cumulonimbus."

"Yes, sir," a small green Autobot replies.

He then precedes to call Cumulonimbus, Autobase's administrative director.

"Cumulus here," said the Autobase administrator. "What's up?"

"This is Ultra Magnus," begins Iacon's protector. "I'm having moderate-level Decepticon problems in one of the lower-class neighborhoods of Iacon. All of my best fighters are down and I'm trying to keep from sending novices out there to get blown away. Send me some back up pronto."

"No problem," replied Cumulonimbus. "We'll send you some help right away. [He then closes the comm-link.] Yo, Autobahn! Find Overdrive, Camshaft, Chronicle, and the Soccertobots and send them to Iacon."

"Magnus needs help again?" asked General Autobahn Lee. "All right, we'll send these good 'ol boys over to solve his problems for 'im."

Moments later, the eight Autobots are driving out a distant hidden exit to the secret underground Autobase. From there, they got on a turnpike to Iacon. When they got three miles from Iacon, they were assaulted by a Decepticon air squadron. Overdrive, Flankwatch, Westside, and Midfielder transformed and fired back at their attackers. Unfortunately, the Decepticons were out of range.

To Be Continued...

The part of Ultra Magnus in this episode is being played by Robert Stack.
The part of Shockwave in this episode is being played by Corey Burton.
The part of Autobahn Lee in this episode is being played by Tom Wopat.
Cumulonimbus is pronounced KU-myuh-luh-nim-buhs.

You are the th person to be mystified by this story and await its completion.

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